Copper Roofs 

Beautiful, Sustainable Copper Roofing


In choosing the material for your building’s roof, evidence shows that copper is the most sustainable and the most aesthetically pleasing option. If you need proof that a copper roof is reliable, practical and beautiful, take a look at Canada’s most important cluster of copper roofs: The Parliament Building. While a copper rooftop is initially a shiny and alluring color, the bronze hue eventually wears off into a dignified green patina. This gives an attractive look to your building.


In addition, by choosing copper for your roofing, you can increase the elegant appearance of your rooftop, as it is a material that can be designed and altered in attractive fashions. The option is also there to add decorative weather vanes and gargoyles.



Against All Costs


However, the benefits of a copper roof reach far beyond an enhanced appearance. By selecting a copper rooftop, Copper Works Canada can help save you time and money. For instance, due to its supreme durability, a copper roof can last up to 100 years before it needs to be replaced, while an asphalt roof needs to be replaced every 20 to 30 years. Copper is also highly resistant to fire in comparison to asphalt. Along with increasing general safety, the use of copper prevents high-costs due to accidental fires, damage from extreme weather conditions and general wear over time. The ability to withstand damage makes it a most economical solution as a Canadian building is exposed to drastic weather changes throughout the year.


Copper shingles are lightweight and can therefore be placed over the old roof. This saves money and time that would otherwise go towards demolition labor. Also, copper reflects light rather than absorbs heat and can therefore help reduce cooling costs in the summer.



Green Beyond Style


While the green patina of the copper roof is a fashionable choice, copper is also a green-friendly material. It is recyclable and more architects and companies such as Copper Works Canada have opted for the use of copper materials. The material will always be recycled after use and it is a sustainable resource. Because copper shingles can be placed over old rooftops, old un recyclable materials are kept out of landfills.


Copper Works Canada is Toronto and the GTA’s number one choice in copper rooftops and shingles. In choosing copper for your roofing needs, you can rest assured that your roof will remain strong and stand against any type of weather the Canadian climate can muster. 

Copper Architecture 

Copper has earned a respected spot in the related fields of architecture. Copper is used for variety of architectural elements from roofs to the smallest details on a home. The history of copper is joined to its great appearance and ability to form from one shape to another. For years and years craftsmen and designers utilized these attributes to build aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting building system.



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